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New style, new characters ^^

2009-04-16 21:42:12 by solbaddguy

Well, I finally decided it was about time I submit another flash movie. Yes I know, I said I was going to submit episode 2, but you know what, sprites just aren't my thing, I like to draw rather than sprite! It's just that simple... anyway, I already made the storyboard for it and everything, I can't give a date when it will be finished, but the character designs are very basic.

I was unable to find a graphics tablet so I had to do it with a mouse, please, when you view this movie (when it's done) take into consideration that this is my first hand drawn movie. Also, my first time using Flash CS4. It's a bit better than CS3 and I knew some of the basics there, just things are a bit... complicated. Anyway, I would love if you guys had any tips or ideas, I have a few in mind if this movie ends up being liked.

Wish me luck on it you guys!

And don't worry, it WILL be finished. THIS I SWEAR!!


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