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Episode 2 is on the way!

2009-01-01 07:03:14 by solbaddguy

I am pleased that some people seemed to like the first episode, I am working on the second episode at this current time. I understand it was a rather wordy episode so it wasn't too exciting but I promise episode 2 is going to be different! I have the storyboard written and everything! There are some parts where they are just talking but in this episode there is a larger amount of fighting. I have to stick to the storyline so I can't delete all the talking party ^-^

Wish me luck everyone! I'll make episode 2 even better then 1!

Thank you to everyone that scored it, that motivated me to work even harder! If you have suggestions just PM me!

**Estimated time until episode 2 release: 1-3 Days**


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